Finlandia Saunas

Finlandia Saunas Finlandia is a sauna manufacturer based in Oregon that has been building high-quality saunas for over 50 years. Their experience is what truly separates them from the pack as the brand is well aware of what does and doesn’t work. They are also firmly dedicated to making sure their customers’ sauna experience is … Read more

Finlandia Outdoor Sauna Review

Finlandia Outdoor Sauna Review

Finlandia Outdoor Sauna Review – Comes with the rare combination of style, comfort, and authenticity Saunas come with quite a lot of advantages and are a great addition to any home. They help increase a home’s value, improve its overall look and attractiveness, and act as a great source of peace, calm, and comfort in … Read more


Dreamline Sauna

Dreamline Saunas The Dreamline Saunas are a mid-range line of saunas that provide some great features at a fair price. While they have a wide selection of saunas in various sizes for both indoor and outdoor usage, you won’t find the higher-end luxury saunas from other manufacturers who specialize in the more expensive collections. This … Read more

Cascade Series Sauna Room Review

Amerec Cascade Sauna

Cascade Series Sauna Room from Amerec – Comes with a state of the art design and ensures perfect spaciousness A sauna room can be a great addition to your home and can increase your home’s value quite a lot, besides coming with a lot of other benefits. Some of the advantages you can look forward … Read more

Barrel Saunas

Barrel Sauna

Barrel Saunas – The Best Option For Your Backyard Barrel saunas are highly sophisticated barrel-shaped sauna baths that are typically custom built or pre-cut for home construction. Typically made for outdoor use, barrel saunas incorporate excellent quality wood that adds a rich sense of elegance to your property and in order to endure harsh winter conditions. … Read more

Amerec Pacific Series Sauna Room Review

Amerec Pacific Sauna Room Review

Amerec Pacific Series Sauna Room Review – Design, elegance, and beauty at its best! When it comes to offering custom saunas based on the needs of the customers, there’s probably no one who does a better job than Amerec, one of the most popular sauna manufacturers around the world. The saunas this manufacturer builds are … Read more

Best Home Infrared Sauna Kits

Home infrared sauna kits have become more popular in recent years as a means of promoting health, providing comfort and relaxation from the comfort of your own home. Infrared saunas heat your body with lamps that emit infrared light, as opposed to traditional saunas, which utilize steam or a heater to warm the air around … Read more


Amerec Sauna

Amerec Saunas Amerec is one of the largest sauna manufacturers in the world. The company has dealers in almost every US state while they also have international dealers in Canada, Mexico, and even Puerto Rico. They offer both residential and commercial-based saunas, most of which are custom-built for their customers. It should also be noted … Read more