Finnleo Saunas

Finnleo Saunas Finnleo is a high-quality sauna manufacturer based in Minnesota that provides a wide array of both traditional and modern sauna options. The company has roots tracing back over 90 years and is thoroughly dedicated to providing users with an authentic Finnish sauna experience. They have many different options that range from luxury saunas … Read more


Harvia saunas

Harvia Saunas Harvia is one of the largest sauna manufacturers in Finland and they have more than 60 years of experience in the sauna industry. The company is firmly dedicated to maintaining the tradition of the Finnish sauna and they employ over 300 people to help them follow through on that mission. Finland has a … Read more

Finlandia Pre-built Sauna Review

Finlandia Prebuild Sauna

Finlandia Pre-built Sauna Review – Surprisingly Easy Assembly, Great Value for Money Finlandia is one of the most reputed names in the sauna industry. Being producing high-quality saunas for over 50 years now, their experience is surely something they can boast of. After all, it’s not just the long duration they have been in the … Read more

Finnish Saunas

Outdoor Finnish Sauna

What is a Finnish Sauna? In other civilizations, saunas have been around, but it is in Finland that they have evolved into an integral element of the national culture. They were the most convenient method to wash during long winters when there was no running hot water in the past. Although the traditional Finnish sauna … Read more


Finlandia Saunas

Finlandia Saunas Finlandia is a sauna manufacturer based in Oregon that has been building high-quality saunas for over 50 years. Their experience is what truly separates them from the pack as the brand is well aware of what does and doesn’t work. They are also firmly dedicated to making sure their customers’ sauna experience is … Read more

Finlandia Outdoor Sauna Review

Finlandia Outdoor Sauna Review

Finlandia Outdoor Sauna Review – Comes with the rare combination of style, comfort, and authenticity Saunas come with quite a lot of advantages and are a great addition to any home. They help increase a home’s value, improve its overall look and attractiveness, and act as a great source of peace, calm, and comfort in … Read more


Dreamline Sauna

Dreamline Saunas The Dreamline Saunas are a mid-range line of saunas that provide some great features at a fair price. While they have a wide selection of saunas in various sizes for both indoor and outdoor usage, you won’t find the higher-end luxury saunas from other manufacturers who specialize in the more expensive collections. This … Read more

Cascade Series Sauna Room Review

Amerec Cascade Sauna

Cascade Series Sauna Room from Amerec – Comes with a state of the art design and ensures perfect spaciousness A sauna room can be a great addition to your home and can increase your home’s value quite a lot, besides coming with a lot of other benefits. Some of the advantages you can look forward … Read more