Allegheny Wood Burning Outdoor Sauna Review

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Allegheny Wood Burning Outdoor Sauna Review – Comes with a traditional style and design that would make you fall in love with it!

Almost Heaven is now a name known to the world as a manufacturer of high quality, superbly designed, authentic saunas, and especially popular for its outdoor saunas. Whereas other manufacturers hesitate to venture into the outdoor sauna segment, Almost Heaven decides to indulge itself completely in it. And this has led to the manufacturer’s complete dominance in this particular space. Now, if you are a fan of things that highlight the importance of heritage, ancient and traditional design, you are going to find the magic product in Almost Heaven’s Allegheny Wood Burning outdoor sauna. This is indeed one of those rare products that would give your home’s surrounding a touch of ancient style, and make it stand out from the common modernly designed surroundings that homes usually have.

The Allegheny is the newest addition to its arsenal of outdoor wood-burning saunas. It is a model from Heaven Saunas. This traditional outdoor wood-burning sauna has everything a real sauna is supposed to have.

The Allegheny is a large sauna room with enough seating, including a low and high bench, allowing the sauna visitor to experience distinct temperatures in the sauna. The Allegheny is a high-end sauna that provides rustic charm. The external part of the sauna, designed in the form of a log cabin, is constructed using high-grade Nordic Spruce timbers notched for a tight fit. The porch and windows add to the sauna’s appeal, making it perfect for any outdoor environment.

Hence, if you are looking for a perfect outdoor sauna that will not block any space in your home but improve the look of its overall surroundings as well as turn out to be a big asset, a perfect place for relaxing yourself, spending quality time with your loved ones and making memories, head over to look at what Almost Heaven has in store for you.

Let’s take a look at what makes it so unique and stand out from the lot:

Authenticity at its best

Well, this particular sauna is considered authentic, even by the authenticity standards of all of Almost Heaven’s saunas. It’s durable, and sure to last for years. Regardless of how the outside surroundings may get, the interior of this sauna is expected to stay as comforting as ever.

The sauna alone consists of the chamber, windows, benches, roof, heater, shingles, chimney, hardware, stones (when available), and a premium add-on package that includes a ladle and copper bucket.

Wood Burning Sauna Review

Comes with a level of spaciousness that is sure to delight you

Usually, spaciousness tends to be quite an annoying issue with saunas, especially the outdoor ones. However, with the Allegheny Wood Burning outdoor Sauna, you can be sure of enjoying a perfect level of spaciousness and having quality time with your whole family. This is due to the fact that this sauna is a full-sized sauna room with ample seating space, comes with a low and high bench, and allows you to experience heating of different levels according to your needs.

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Finland-Based Manufacturing

The Allegheny is a Harvia, OY, brand that has earned a reputation for producing high-quality sauna furnishings. Almost Heaven Saunas is an official American representative of saunas and heaters designed in Finland by Harvia. The Allegheny will be distributed through online distribution platforms like Amazon and Wayfair by Heaven’s Above.

Harvia is a well-known worldwide maker of high-quality sauna items, and the sauna includes a wood-burning heater. The Allegheny can reach temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit with any sort of heating wood used.

The heat will be distributed more evenly throughout the sauna. Hardwoods will take longer to heat, while softwoods will reach higher temperatures more quickly. Water may be sprinkled on the hot rocks for a burst of steam that fills the whole sauna room. In any climate, the sauna will quickly reach sauna temperature and is built to withstand snow.

Easy To Assemble

The Allegheny sauna may be put together in less than a week, or 12 to 16 hours, by two people. The external aspects of the sauna can be designed in a natural manner, in accordance with the weather with age. Alternatively, the owner also has the option to treat with the external stain of their choice.

The unit may be placed on cinder blocks, paver stones, or any solid base that can provide a stable base that can prevent the supporting wood from settling into the earth. The benches are washed simply by washing them.

Highly comforting interior

The interior is quite well designed and helps you enjoy the perfect level of heat and the tons of different deluxe accessories only improve your level of comfort inside the sauna. Besides allowing you to adjust temperatures to maintain the heating level in the sauna to exactly what you want, the tons of other useful and comforting accessories ensure that the surrounding always stays pleasant and delighting.

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