Almost Heaven 6-Person Grandview Sauna Review

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Almost Heaven AHGDV71RC 6-Person Grandview Sauna Review – One of the best works of Almost Heaven

A Grandview sauna is surely a modern-day concept, as it is, they are made keeping in mind the various needs of people. However, regardless of how tempting it is to get a sauna to give your home that special touch that would add a considerable amount of value to it, getting a sauna is quite expensive. Hence, you need to be absolutely sure about the sauna you plan to get and the features it comes with, failing to which might result in a considerable amount of money being spent on something you never needed.

However, it’s not just about the specific type of sauna, but the manufacturer as well, when it comes to doing your research while deciding on a particular sauna. There are some top brands out there in the world, which have a worldwide presence and are quite reputed, meaning that you can be sure of the quality and authenticity they come with.

Almost Heaven is one such manufacturer, who has been surprising the market by producing saunas that come with an unmatched design and innovation. The AHGDV71RC 6-Person Grandview Sauna it offers, however, goes an extra mile by being one of its best ones ever. In fact, it’s also the largest and grandest of all of its saunas, so that’s surely something to brag about.

Let’s take a look at the features of this sauna and what it has in store for you:

Largest and most deluxe sauna ever offered by Almost Heaven

Well, Almost Heaven is already known for offering great quality saunas that never fail to carry a touch of innovation, modern design, and a high level of spaciousness. However, the AHGDV71RC 6-Person Grandview Sauna is believed to be one of the best works of this manufacturer, which is surely something of great significance. In fact, this sauna is indeed the largest and most deluxe ever product by Almost Heaven, coming with a diameter of 78”, which is 12” larger than almost all of its standard models. This means quite a lot of space and hence helps it stand out from the lot as probably no sauna offers to sit as many as 6 people as comfortably as this sauna does.

Almost Heaven Grandview Sauna

When you get the sauna, you may host your own backyard sauna party. It can essentially fit 8 people and has a diameter that is 12-inch larger in comparison to the traditional barrel saunas. The sauna is created for the purpose to be visually attractive and practical outside the sitting area by removing the front circular section to be able to move it back inside the sauna.

Between sauna sessions, there are two benches that are facing opposite each other and are a wonderful location to store towels, beverages, or just relax and cool off. This is our most deluxe barrel sauna design because of the large interior room that allows for two benches that are facing in the opposite direction as well as flat duckboard flooring sections.

Ideal for placing in the backyard

Being an outdoor sauna, the AHGDV71RC 6-Person Grandview Sauna allows you to enjoy all the benefits and advantages a standard and high-quality sauna comes with without blocking any space in your home. In fact, it instead increases the overall attractiveness of your home’s surroundings, by being a point of attraction outside your home.

The AHGDV71RC 6-Person Grandview Sauna is ideal for placing in the backyard, as it’s quite large and would suit the environment of the place.

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Comes with tons of other features

The popular wood-burning sauna heater, by Harvia M3, is included in the Grandview. It transforms a sauna bath into a pleasant experience while also adding a hint of traditional sauna ambiance. The constant heat and efficient air circulation guarantee that your sauna bath is both relaxing and beneficial.

This sauna has a glass door that adds to the cozy vibe, and the stove’s hue is sleek graphite black. When water is sprinkled over the sauna stones and stainless steel air-flow spoiler, this stove produces a wet sauna experience.

The Grandview, like all of our barrel-shaped saunas, benefits from the curved walls’ ability to circulate heat. The heat is always moving, allowing for a complete and restorative sauna experience.

The Grandview Barrel Sauna’s interior is bathed in soothing, 110v LED lighting and has opposite-facing benches that create a genuinely calm atmosphere. The Grandview Barrel Sauna is a long-lasting choice for serious sauna users, combining quality, performance, and value.

The Grandview sauna indeed seems to be the best one from Almost Heaven, as it comes with a long list of features one would only be too delighted to have in their sauna. The AHGDV71RC 6-Person Grandview Sauna comes with a lot of useful and expensive added accessories, meaning that you won’t have to spend a penny on anything else.

All its materials are super high quality, and the lifetime warranty the manufacturer offers shows that they too are quite confident about its durability.

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