Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna 6′ Review

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Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna 6′ Review – Innovation at its best!

Well, choosing an ideal outdoor sauna can be quite a bit of hassle, what with the limited number of options to choose from and the low quality most of such saunas come with. However, an outdoor sauna can turn out to be a great asset for your home, as it comes with a wide range of benefits but without some of the most common problems associated with indoor saunas. Some of the benefits an outdoor sauna brings with it are:

  • No space requirement: One of the obvious and most significant benefits of an outdoor sauna is that it doesn’t need to be stored in your home, thus not blocking any space. Usually, indoor saunas may become a hassle to place as they block quite a lot less. Also, if the room they are placed in isn’t large enough, it may lose its spaciousness as well as attractiveness, and seem like it’s rather filled with something huge. An outdoor sauna manages to get around all such problems, by being placed outside and not occupying any space in your home while still allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of owning a sauna.
  • Improves the look of the surroundings of your home: Given that you get a considerably modern-looking outdoor sauna, it’s sure to improve the look of the surroundings of your home.
  • Increases your home’s value: Getting an outdoor sauna helps your home look more attractive and lavish, thanks to the overall attractiveness of the surroundings increasing considerably.

Now though finding a quality outdoor sauna may be a bit difficult, you surely won’t have to deal with a lot of trouble if you go with reputed sauna manufacturers who build quality outdoor saunas like Almost heaven. In fact, Almost Heaven Barrel Saunas come with their own unique set of features. After all, authenticity, durability, and customer satisfaction are what Almost heaven is known for.

There are two Almost Heaven Barrel Saunas that are popular amongst the masses:

1: Princeton Electric Barrel Sauna

For individuals who want to get pleasure from a party, the Princeton 6-person traditional steam sauna is the way to go. For nearly 40 years, this classic barrel design has been a trademark product. This basic style is highly efficient since it minimizes unused cubic feet while maximizing usable area, resulting in a sauna that heats quickly and effectively.

The thick clear red cedar used to construct the Princeton is excellent at keeping the heat in and cold out, as shown by its thick construction. The spacious interior can accommodate 6 people on 2 full-length opposite-facing benches. The Princeton is held together by stainless steel bands and a ball-and-socket profile. To emphasize the natural and smooth wood, there are no more than a few nails used.

The curved walls of this barrel-shaped sauna, like all of the barrel-shaped saunas, ensure maximum heat circulation. The heat is constantly moving, ensuring a complete and restorative sauna experience. The sauna is supported by polymer cradles that keep the sauna’s underside from coming into touch with any dampness on the ground. The huge, laminated glass door with a long, simple-to-open cylindrical door handle allows natural light into the sauna room. A typical 110v LED light bar is included in the Princeton sauna to provide a pleasant glow.

This barrel sauna includes a 40 amp, 8.0kw stainless steel heater, and 40 lbs of sauna stones. In less than an hour, the sauna will reach temperatures up to 195F. Water may be sprinkled on the hot sauna stones for a revitalizing blast of steam. A damp sauna is a type of steam sauna that allows you to add humidity to your dry sauna through repeated applications. The traditional sauna experience offers health and wellness advantages such as pain relief from sore achy muscles and improved blood circulation.

2: Huntington Canopy Barrel Sauna (6-Person)

The Huntington’s sauna room is big and open, with just enough of a traditional feel to it. There’s plenty of space to stretch out and soak up the sauna heat, as well as two outside seats to cool down. Because of the canopy design, seven feet of the 8-foot-long sauna are dedicated to the sauna

The sauna room can accommodate up to 6 people and features temperatures of 195 degrees Fahrenheit. You may either turn on the Harvia 8kW electric heater immediately or delay its activation for up to eight hours. When you’re ready to relax in the sauna, it will be heated!

Its Barrel Sauna has quite a lot in store for its customers. Some of its features are:

Innovation alone makes it stand out from the lot!

The Almost heaven outdoor Barrel sauna is designed in such an innovative way, it would probably never fail to make your guests feel amazed about its design. The shape of this sauna is something that helps it stand out from all its counterparts. It looks pretty attractive, modern, and lavish and hence sure to be a great addition to your home.

Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna Review

The canopy barrel is available in a variety of lengths

This is another unique thing this sauna offers. Usually, saunas don’t offer you the option to go for a particular size. However, this sauna offers you to choose from a canopy barrel length according to your needs. You can choose one to fit as few as just 2 or as many as 6 people.

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Great for relaxing

This outdoor sauna ensures a perfect level of insulation and heat inside it and you are sure to get a relieving, relaxing feeling while resting in it. It’s also a great option for people who suffer from a particular type of pain to get some quality rest and relief.

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