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How to Clean a Portable Ice Maker

It doesn’t matter if you like to entertain, or throw backyard barbeques, having a portable ice maker is a great addition to the kitchen. Say goodbye to twisting ice trays which leave a mess all over the counter tops or that freezer taste. Say goodbye to trying to fit a huge bag of ice among the other items in the freezer, it is time to indulge in one of the hottest yet most useful trends of 2016.

Portable ice makers are efficient and work fast to supply as much ice you need at any given time. They are available in all colors, sizes, and prices.  You can keep one in the home, and put one at your business for a simple, inexpensive convenience. Then when you do decide to throw that backyard barbeque, this is one less area you will ever have to worry about.

These cool little machines are very easy to operate and maintain. When operating the ice maker, simply plug the unit in, add water and within minutes you have an abundance of quality ice.

Cleaning your portable ice maker is also a user-friendly procedure. In order for your ice maker to keep pumping out those great ice cubes regular maintenance is needed.

Clean Ice Maker

The easy way to clean your portable ice maker:

  • Unplug your unit and make certain it is empty. This keeps the process safe and manageable.
  • Remove the ice tray, and set it aside. In most units, you should be able to just unhook it remove the tray. Put the tray on a clean surface off to the side.
  • Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe off the interior, such as the target areas where build-up can happen. If you r portable ice maker is showing signs of being really dirty, you can dip the cloth in vinegar to ease the build-up off better. Sometimes impurities can work their way into the portable ice maker, plus calcium deposits can affect the walls and parts of the machine due to hard water.
  • Clean the ice tray by Wiping down the tray in the same manner as the interior of the portable ice maker. Scrub the ice tray well with a small bit of vinegar to remove those calcium build-ups   and other unwanted rings.
  • Put the machine back together by simply replacing the ice tray within the ice machine and plugging the unit back into the wall.
  • Now it is time to run the cleaning cycle by adding a couple caps of vinegar to the machine. This is the same process often used in coffee machines. You can also substitute lemon juice in the water. Run a couple cycles to completely remove the vinegar and other build-ups. You don’t want anything left behind to taint your ice cubes.
  • It is often recommended to do this with new unit as well. The reason behind this is to remove any plastic taste leftover from the manufacturing process or dirt left in there from packaging.
  • Empty all the water from the portable ice makers’ reservoir and then run a normal cycle or two just to be certain the water is clear and without problems. There would be nothing worse than finding bits of debris or a taste of vinegar in your ice cubes after the fact.
  • Using a soft cloth again, wipe down the exterior of the machine. Warm water and mild soap will remove the dust or any dirt which happened to have latched on. Now your portable ice maker is ready to use again.

Be sure to thoroughly rinse the unit out after using this method. You will fast discover these ice maker machines to be one of the easiest and most reliable kitchen appliances you have ever used.  You are going to love how easy it is to always have ice on hand. No more running to the store, these little machines pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

Portable ice makers make excellent gifts; most people don’t think about the efficiency of owning an ice maker, but are delighted when they see one in action.  You can count on your portable ice maker to work feverishly for years without incident. This is one good investment. You will be amazed at exactly how much you use a portable ice machine. They are ideal for home use, recreational activities, traveling, parties, and office.

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