Steam Saunas

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Indoor And Outdoor Steam Saunas

Steam saunas, also referred as steam rooms, achieve very similar effects as electric or infrared saunas but use a slightly different approach. A steam sauna is an enclosed room with high levels of high temperature steam, which results in a high-humidity environment. The use of steam saunas are very similar to traditional saunas; the bather sits down (typically on a bench) and relaxes while enjoying the sensation of a hot steam bath. Due to the high heat and humidity found in steam saunas, bathers find extreme levels of relaxation and experience a variety of health benefits and well-being.

These hybrid style saunas can be purchased for home use, but they’re primarily found in gyms, sanitariums, and various health resorts. The most common types of home steam saunas are typically much smaller than their commercial relatives and usually only have enough room for one person to use.

Temperatures of steam rooms fluctuate depending on the facility or bather preferences, but typically you’ll find that they’re around temperatures of 41 degree Celsius (105 F) or above, with a humidity level of 100 percent. In comparison, traditional electric saunas are maintained at a much higher temperature due to the lack of humidity in the air. While some traditional saunas have the option to pour water over stove rocks, the humidity levels don’t compare to those of steam saunas.

Steam Saunas for Relaxation
Steam Saunas work at a lower temperature but with a lot higher humidity percentage than the other sauna types

Benefits of Steam Saunas

Steam saunas have been designed to expose users to extremely high amounts of steam through the use of generators. These steam sauna generators pump steam through the room which creates humidity levels of 100 percent. Due to its high humidity levels, steam saunas do not need to reach the same high temperatures as electric saunas in order to achieve the same effect. Because of this, steam saunas are associated to a variety of health benefits which differ slightly to traditional saunas. In order to better understand steam saunas, let’s take a look at some of the health benefits that these units provide.

Respiratory Functionality

There are a variety of disorders and common illnesses that can easily cause the build-up of mucus, which ultimately clogs the respiratory system and causes discomfort. Steam therapy is an excellent option to overcoming this dilemma. With regular use of steam saunas, the high humidity levels help melt the mucus and allow it to easily drain it from the body. Traditional saunas do not have the same effect on the respiratory system due to their high levels of dry heat.

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Weight Loss

The high temperatures and humidity levels in a steam sauna have been proven to increase the body’s metabolic rate, making it easier to lose weight.

Healthy Skin

Regularly using a steam sauna is an excellent method to promoting healthy skin; steam therapy has been proven by medical researchers to offer intensive cleansing of the skin and pores. It also promotes proper blood circulation throughout the body, which ultimately allows the skin to receive the nutrients it needs more easily. Doctors have found steam saunas to be more effective than body wraps in treating cellulite, enhancing collagen development, skin hydration, and emulsifying fat in the sebaceous glands.


If you’re looking for the ultimate experience in relaxation, steam saunas are an excellent choice to achieving your dream. Steam rooms offer similar experiences to traditional saunas, but the increased levels of humidity create more moisture in the air which provides a slightly different sensation to the to the bather.

Relax in a Steam Sauna
Take a well deserved break in your own steam sauna

Potential Risks of Using Steam Saunas

Just like traditional saunas, steam saunas pose potential risks to users that aren’t bathing under optimal conditions. To ensure that you remain safe while using a steam sauna, let’s go over the basics of steam room safety.

Cardiovascular Conditions

If you have previous heart conditions, please consult your doctor before entering a steam room or sauna. The high heat experienced in the amenities have been proven to increase your heart rate as a result of perspiration. This can have a detrimental effect on persons with cardiovascular problems. If you’ve had a recent heart attack, do not use a steam sauna.

Babies and Pregnant Women

Unborn children and babies under the age of one years old have not yet developed temperature regulation systems in their body and can lead to seriously dangerous effects. Also, pregnant women should refrain from using steam saunas until after they give birth and are cleared by their doctor; high temperatures experienced in steam rooms and saunas can cause birth defects in children and raise blood pressure to unhealthy levels. Children are permitted to use these units providing that they’re over one year old and are under adult supervision. Never let your child use a steam room or sauna for more than the recommended time.

Alcohol and Drugs

Drugs and alcohol have varied effects on the body and can lead to extreme health risks if mixed with the harsh conditions of saunas. If you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you should never enter a steam sauna.

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