The Top 3 Infrared Sauna Manufacturers 2016

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Saunas are a great investment. They have amazing benefits for your health and your fitness. In a busy world, a sauna is going to help to de-stress, relax and help you to sleep better.  According to a Harvard scientific study, people who use saunas on a routine basis have fewer fatal heart problems and live longer lives.

There are many different kinds of saunas.  Infrared is the number on consumer choice, but even with some DIY old-school saunas, you will still reap the nice health benefits.  Heat Sauna technology has changed immensely over the years and for the better. Infrared saunas are a great example of modern technology improving on an already great product. A traditional sauna used to heat by convection heat, infrared uses a radiant head. The best quality of infrared is you have the control of the temperature level right at hand.

We have composed a list of the top 3 infrared sauna manufacturers of 2016 to make it easier for you to include a sauna into your own personal lifestyle.

  1. JNH Lifestyles


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See Price on Amazon

In the last couple years, JNH Lifestyles has been increasingly getting more popular and in-demand. In 2015, their 2 person home sauna received top reviews and was a best seller. They carry different sizes of home saunas beginning with the ever desirable 2 person, 2-3 person corner units, and the 3 person Hemlock.  All of these are superior products.

  • 2 Person: Seats two people comfortably, but not enough for users to lie down. The buckle panels are made of hemlock and snap together easy for taking apart or moving around. This particular style is designed for indoor use or a covered space outside. It is an ideal option for someone who wishes to put an indoor sauna in a small place such as a bedroom.
  • This sauna is a top consumer choice due to the 7 carbon fiber heaters surrounding dual wall insulation. The doors are made of a special safety glass. The bonus is a great sound and light system. The amplifier works with a simple 3.5 mm plug. The dimensions are 47.3 x 75 x 39.5 inches, and it weighs 250 pounds. A 5 year warranty is included.
  • 2-3 Person: The corner sauna is a beautiful fit into a home, despite the tight fit for 3 people. The manufacturers say it fit up to 3, but it is snug. This sauna weighs over 350 pounds and is made of a double layer of Canadian hemlock. Its tongue and groove assembly makes it much stronger thanks to the bucket panels.
  • This beautiful looking corner sauna has 5 carbon fiber infrared heaters located in the back, on the sides and in the calf areas. Typical for JNH Lifestyles, they include a fantastic sound and lighting system. This particular design has AUX control, 2 speakers and LED lighting, all you need is a standard plug. The corner sauna has a 2 year warranty included.
  • Joyous 3 Person Sauna: Also made from double layers of Canadian hemlock this one conforms to enough room for users to lie down. It is super sturdy and weighs over 350 pounds. With this unit is an 8 carbon fiber heater surrounded around the entire sauna. Enjoy the built in AUX and 2 speakers for the sound system. The LED lights help to save energy and let you get the maximum use from this quality sauna. The warranty is good for 5 years.

2. Dynamic Saunas

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See Price on Amazon

Dynamic Saunas is another quality brand sauna which specializes in a 1 or 2 person infrared style sauna called the Barcelona. It is a home sauna and primarily used indoors such as a master bath location. This sauna can be quickly assembled and weighs only 250 pounds. The primary attraction of this brand is the 6 low carbon fiber heating panels. They are 30 percent bigger than other brand name sauna panels. This is considered more therapeutic because the heat can reach over 40 percent of your skin. It will get hot quicker while staying energy efficient. The maximum temperature is 130F.

You will also get an excellent sound system and lighting package with a MP3 option. The LED light display offers a great control panel for time and temperatures. It is a moderately priced home sauna with a 5 year warranty, but only a 1 year warranty on the sound system.

3. Heat Wave

far sauna
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  • 3 Person: Sauna Corner which is top of the line in home saunas.  This is an exquisite corner sauna larger than most, weighing almost 400 pounds. The Canadian hemlock is has a tongue and groove assembly like most home saunas and offers easy assembly.  The 7 carbon heaters extend to the floor, offering a complete well-rounded heat source.
  • This is the king of all saunas with a beautiful bronze tinted glass door and accessories like a backrest, towel hooks, a magazine rack and an oxygen ionizer. The sound system is superior and includes a CD player and MP3 plug, radio and speakers. The lighting in this sauna has dual interior and exterior LED panels. The warranty is good for 5 years with exception to the 1 year on the CD player, light bulbs, and radio. It is moderately priced and often used for commercial use.
  • 4 Person:  Heat Wave also offers a larger version of the previous sauna which includes 9 carbon infrared heaters. This one is ideal for both private and commercial us.  It is made from the Canadian hemlock weighing in over 471 pounds but still offering the easy tongue and groove technology. The 9 carbon heaters surround the inner panels and even sport one on the floor to maximize optimum heat to the skin.
  • This luxury model has the premium in sound and lighting systems with inside and outside LED control panels. The sound systems lets you choose between using the CD player or a MP3 plug-in. The unit also has some bonus features such as colored mood lights, backrests, towel rack, oxygen ionizer and a magazine rack. With a 5 year warranty, this moderately priced sauna is the gold standard in home saunas.

Other Factors to Consider:

While you pick out your favorite model in home saunas, consider your wood choice and location of control panels. Some of the extra available accessories will reflect on the price you pay.  Every sauna has something different to offer.

Also, it is important to look at the warranty which comes with the sauna. While the length of the warranty is important, it is also important to consider if the sauna is covered for indoor use or outdoor use or both. Always keep in mind your purpose for the sauna when purchasing.

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