Top 5 DIY Home Stream Sauna Kits

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Are you thinking about adding a sauna to your home? If so, you are doing yourself a great benefit to your health. Home saunas offers serious advantages to over all well-being by rejuvenating tired muscle, detoxifying the skin, and cardiovascular health. The best benefit of course is being able to just relax and ease the tough day away.  If you suffer from arthritis, joint pain, poor circulation or stress, a sauna is a sure way to manage these conditions. Twenty minutes in your sauna is a great way to combat daily stress, and help with other health problems.

You can easily build your own sauna. Sauna installation consists of pre-fab tongue and groove assembly, making it simple for the consumer to build and move around to different locations. If pre-fab isn’t your idea of a great sauna there are other ways to DIY with home steam sauna kits.


Steam Sauna vs. Dry Sauna

If you are going for a steam sauna versus a dry sauna, it is important for you to understand the difference between each one. Dry saunas have no humidity when they produce heat, whereas a steam sauna will include a tremendous amount of humidity in the air. Steam saunas are preferable because they add an extra health benefit for the human body. Many people who own steam saunas will now include eucalyptus oil to their steam for medicinal properties.

While traditional saunas offer dry heat, with a steam sauna you can raise the humidity levels by 20 percent considering the old-school way of enhancing steam by pouring water over hot rocks. Expect to see water dripping down the panel walls, as this is normal for steam saunas. Because of this high humidity, most fixtures are made from stainless steel, brass or plastic.

The seats are and ceilings are typically sloped for the water run-off, as well as the inclusion of a good operating drain.  The steam generator is located outside of the sauna and requires the water supply plumbing into the steam room and electrical wiring to the generator.

Home Steam Sauna Kits

Ariel Steam Rooms 608 Steam Shower with Whirlpool Tub: This is offered as an ‘add’ kit for those who wish to turn their simple showers into a fabulous steam sauna.  The measurements for this are 63 X 63 X 89. Look at what all is included in this high-end DIY add kit.

  • 3KW generator to power the steam sauna.
  • Allows for two person simultaneous use. Very roomy interior.
  • Whirlpool bath rub included.
  • Ten total hydro massage jets.
  • Two total rainfall shower heads.
  • Body massager with acupressure technology.
  • Two built in seats.
  • LED lighting in ceiling.
  • Sophisticated computer control panel with temperature sensor and timer.

Dream Line Majestic Steam Shower Enclosure: Dream Line also offers a way to transform your bathroom into a steam sauna with their version of DIY sauna kit.  This is a beautiful acrylic fiberglass with state of the art generator and is built to hold in the heat. It is sophisticated and high-quality, perfect for optimal health benefits.

  • Black acrylic base reinforced by fiberglass ready to use in unison with any standard compression drain.
  • Available in left and right corner-mount installation.
  • Beautiful brushed finish on the stainless steel shower panel.
  • Six different adjustable steam jets. Also includes a hand shower attachment.
  • Three separate water control devices.

Build Your Own Sauna

If you are handy with a hammer and have an open weekend, then you can build your own sauna. Most people who want saunas seldom sit down and draw up plans to build a unique version, but instead opt for the DIY sauna kits. They are easier to assemble, and the directions are clear and concise. A typical one person sauna can run from $1000 dollar for a unit and get more expensive from there for 4 person models. The average DIY kit runs a little under $2000 dollars.

You have many options to choose between in DIY sauna kits. Each type of kit comes with its own features, benefits and costs.

Pre-fabricated Modular Sauna Kits:

DIY pre-fab sauna kits can be for indoor or outdoor use. In your package your will receive pre-built sections. Basically, all that is required is brackets and screws which quickly install a freestanding sauna room. These are the best sauna kits if you want flexibility.

  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Installation time: one day
  • Installation difficulty: medium
  • Sizes: from 4’x4’ up to 8’x12’
  • Average price: expensive
  • Portability: easy

Pre-cut Sauna Kits:

If you decide on a pre-cut sauna kit, the custom-cut boards will line existing walls so you will have to add insulation to accommodate your sauna kit. This kit will require measuring the walls in the room to be converted into a sauna. Keep in mind, installation is a bit more complicated then the pre-fab kits and you will not be able to uninstall the kit to move to another location.

  • Indoor installation only
  • Installation time: one full day or multiple days
  • Installation difficulty: hard (do it yourself, very involved)
  • Sizes: nearly any size available
  • Average price: more affordable than pre-fabricated modular kits, but still pricey.
  • Portability: not portable. Permanent installation.

Sauna Kits for the Outdoors

Many people opt for outdoor version of sauna kits. It becomes a personal luxury meditation space, and an entertainment center. In order for the outdoor installation to be smooth always follow the manufacturer’s exact steps in the installation guide.

Cedarbrook: for the weekend handyman, Cedarbrook has outdoor sauna kits with prebuilt panels, door, roof, heater, proper rocks, benches, and accessories. Choose from a wide variety of designs and sizes.  This brand’s saunas are made up of 100% Western Red Cedar.

  • Includes pre-built panels made up of Western Red Cedar.
  • Walls and ceiling formed with Tongue and Groove technology.
  • Benches are pre-built commercial style.
  • Adjustable venting system helps keep the temperature steady, conserves energy, and provides the user with a fresh oxygen supply constantly.

Allwood Nordic Spruce Barrel: Allwood provides saunas which seat four people comfortably. This sauna is a barrel shape to provide an even heat throughout the sauna. Its unique design fits nicely outside the home and the kit is easy to assemble, and is moderately priced.

  • Comfortably seats four people
  • Kit includes materials made of: Nordic spruce, bitumen shingles, and stainless steel.
  • Includes electric heater, control panel, complete wiring kit with instructions, guard for the heater, and metal/glass components necessary for installation.
  • 160” by 67” by 78.7”
  • Allow thirty to forty days for delivery if you are considering purchasing this unit.

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