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Equip Your Sauna With a Couple of Accessories

While sauna accessories aren’t considered to be absolutely necessary, most accessories provide an additional element of convenience and luxury to the sauna experience. The bucket and dipper are the most commonly purchased sauna accessory as they are used in almost every non-infrared sauna. Other accessories, such as fragrances, loofah brushes, and headrests, are less common but complete the perfect environment for your sauna. Here’s a look at a few of the many different types of sauna accessories

Bucket and Dipper

Sauna accessories

The bucket is used to store the water that is sprinkled on the sauna rocks in order to generate the steam that creates the perfect sauna atmosphere. The dipper is a small ladle like object that makes it easier to lightly sprinkle the water onto the sauna rocks. While you certainly don’t have to purchase a bucket specifically designed for saunas, you will want to be sure that they’re made of all natural word like cedar so that they’re durable enough to be used long term. It should be noted that a bucket and dipper aren’t necessary if you have an infrared heater as you won’t be able to perform the loyly method that is commonly used with old fashioned saunas.

Scents and Fragrances

Many companies offer several different options for sauna fragrances that will help create the optimal relaxing atmosphere within your sauna. Some of the most popular type of fragrances include wood scents like pine, birch, and forest, although other scents like peppermint and citrus are also commonly used. Making these scents and fragrances come to life is as simple as placing a few drops in the water bucket and then sprinkling the water over the sauna rocks.

Loofah Brush

Loofah brush

A lot of sauna enthusiasts will tell you that you should dry brush your skin before you enter a sauna room in order to rid your body of dead skin cells. This can help make it easier for the heat produced by the sauna to penetrate the skin and quickly remove toxins from the body. A loofah brush is the most commonly used accessory to perform dry brushing. As we mentioned, many sauna enthusiasts swear by this method as it helps increase the health benefits of the sauna.

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Mirrors and Towel Hangers

Many users enjoy the convenience of having towel hangers in their sauna as it is common to sit or lay in the sauna while nude. Mirrors can make a sauna seem more roomy although most mirrors will obviously need to be placed outside of the sauna room in order to avoid the inevitable fogginess created by humidity.

Headrest and Pillows

A headrest will generally be placed on the ends of the benches and can help make laying down in the sauna a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience. Since the headrests are also wood, you’ll want to also be sure that you purchase a sauna pillow to create the highest level of comfort possible. Sauna pillows are generally made of linen and should be machine washable as they will undoubtedly be soaking up quite a bit of perspiration.

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