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Finlandia Saunas

Finlandia is a sauna manufacturer based in Oregon that has been building high-quality saunas for over 50 years. Their experience is what truly separates them from the pack as the brand is well aware of what does and doesn’t work. They are also firmly dedicated to making sure their customers’ sauna experience is as authentic as possible. The president of the company is a native of Finland, which is essentially where the sauna culture that we know today was created.

Very few sauna manufacturers have the dedication to authenticity and high quality that Finlandia does. All of their sauna options are almost entirely handmade to ensure that the highest level of quality is met. The brand offers several different options for sauna users, including pre-cut packages, prefabricated sauna rooms, and the more traditional outdoor sauna option. Finlandia also allows customers to choose between four different wood types, including Red Cedar, Redwood, Yellow Cedar, and Western Hemlock.

Finlandia Saunas

Finlandia Sauna produces standard and bespoke, pre-cut, and prefabricated saunas out of high-quality western softwoods. They also sell sauna equipment and accessories. Harvia in Finland is one of the world’s largest heater producers with a diversified product line, and their heaters are unrivaled in terms of quality and providing the appropriate sauna atmosphere for bathers. Finlandia is the most well-known brand for these.

Finns who moved to the commonwealth of Delaware over 360 years ago introduced the first sauna to America. It wasn’t until the early 1960s, however, that a few manufacturers started marketing the sauna to Americans. Reino Tarkiainen, a young Finnish man who had arrived in Astoria, Oregon at the age of 15, set out to create his country’s genuine sauna. After studying master carpentry, architectural design, and mechanical engineering at school, he gained the knowledge required. The current Finlandia Business Park was constructed in 1995, with 55,000 sq. ft. of office-warehouse space. It is the largest privately owned sauna manufacturing plant in the United States, according to its website.

Finlandia prefabricated saunas are self-contained, completely built, and ready-to-use rooms with rapid and easy installation in mind. They may be placed in any location where there is space. The area should be somewhat larger than the actual Sauna room size. A waterproof floor made of concrete, tile, or vinyl is required. Interior and exterior components are included in FPFs. By installing our prefabs over any hard-surfaced waterproof floor, the homeowner may install them themselves.

They come with an innovative locking system built inside each of our panels, making our prefabricated saunas the quickest to install, the most robust, and the most custom-looking in the market. Wall sections can be easily carried throughout the home because the average panel width is 24 inches. The ceiling height for a location where a sauna is to be built must be at least 87 inches. The minimal ceiling height for an area of 8’x 8′ or more is 89″. Walls also fit together without the need for any screws, splices, or nails. The electrical hookup is simple since the walls are already filled with electrical conduits, and the optional wall control has been pre-installed. The standard entrance for electricity is at the top of the Sauna room.

Fortunately, the Finlandia saunas are also a very affordable option for potential sauna customers. Their pre-cut options are far cheaper than other major brands like Almost Heaven and Great Saunas. They’re also much easier to assemble than many other brands.

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The authenticity provided by Finlandia is something that no other US manufacturer can match. They take pride in every sauna they make in order to ensure that it meets the traditional standards of the Finnish sauna culture. They also import all of their sauna heaters straight from Finland in order to guarantee premium quality. If you’re looking for a combination of authenticity and high quality, Finlandia has what you’re looking for.

How To Enjoy A Sauna?

Allow yourself plenty of time to unwind before taking a sauna. Turn on your Finlandia Sauna heater at least one half-hour before entering the chamber unless you have an Ever Ready heater, which generates immediate heat.

The question is: How long should you heat the room to reach the ideal Sauna bathing temperature? The common temperatures in a sauna are between 175° F and 195° F. Take the sauna nude. As you get rid of your clothes and let the relaxing Sauna atmosphere embrace you, set aside your worries.

Allow your body to get acclimated to the extreme heat after entering the Sauna. For optimum heat, sit or lie on a towel on the top bench. The lower bench may be used for cooler temperatures. To produce steam, pour 1 to 2 ladles of water over the hot Sauna stones in order to assist with sweating as desired.

Drink a glass of ice water or steam to help your body cool down and speed up the process. After 10 to 20 minutes, get out of the sauna and rinse off with a shower or plunge into a cooling pool or lake. The next thing to do is relax in the chamber or space’s cooling environment. Ideally, you’ll want a changing room.

Spend roughly the same amount of time cooling down as you did in the Sauna. Re-enter the Sauna and repeat the procedure as needed. Following that, take a shower to finish off your relaxing session. Then settle back with a nice cup of tea or coffee and appreciate how wonderful you feel after a sauna!

Top 5 Saunas From Finlandia

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#2 – Prefabricated Sauna Room
#3 – Five-sided Prefabricated Sauna Room
#4 – Outdoor Sauna With Cedar Wood Exterior
#5 – Pre-built Sauna

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