Finnish Saunas

Outdoor Finnish Sauna

What is a Finnish Sauna? In other civilizations, saunas have been around, but it is in Finland that they have evolved into an integral element of the national culture. They were the most convenient method to wash during long winters when there was no running hot water in the past. Although the traditional Finnish sauna … Read more

Barrel Saunas

Barrel Sauna

Barrel Saunas – The Best Option For Your Backyard Barrel saunas are highly sophisticated barrel-shaped sauna baths that are typically custom built or pre-cut for home construction. Typically made for outdoor use, barrel saunas incorporate excellent quality wood that adds a rich sense of elegance to your property and in order to endure harsh winter conditions. … Read more

Best Home Infrared Sauna Kits

Home infrared sauna kits have become more popular in recent years as a means of promoting health, providing comfort and relaxation from the comfort of your own home. Infrared saunas heat your body with lamps that emit infrared light, as opposed to traditional saunas, which utilize steam or a heater to warm the air around … Read more

Hot Selling Indoor Infrared Sauna

Anyone looking for an infrared sauna has come across several products that dominate the market. These brands are known for quality, convenience and the availability of certain extras at a relatively affordable price. If you’re about to get an indoor infrared sauna for your home or villa, you should definitely consider these products. The price … Read more

Top Rated Sauna Blankets

Traditional saunas, infrared saunas, portable saunas, sauna blankets, sauna belts – so many products to choose among! Sauna blankets are great and very practical, which is why they’ve been getting more popular lately. If you’re about to buy a sauna blanket for the first time, you may feel a bit clueless. The following overview will … Read more

Outdoor Saunas

Outdoor Sauna

Outdoor Saunas For Your Backyard If you have limited space inside your home but you’re in love with the idea of owning a sauna, an outdoor sauna is the perfect option for you. Just like indoor saunas, outdoor saunas are available in a wide variety of styles and models and yield the same great results … Read more

Portable Saunas

Mobile Saunas

Infrared And Steam Portable Saunas Portable saunas offer the perfect solution for people who are on the go but still want to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing sauna. They are available in a wide variety of designs – from larger, hitch-and-go designs to compact, fold-up tent saunas. These convenient amenities provide all the warmth … Read more

Infrared Saunas

infrared sauna

Infrared saunas are comprised of infrared heaters that emit a powerful light which is experienced as radiant heat by the bather. As you sit in your new sauna, radiant heat caused by infrared light is absorbed into your skin, thus creating a hot, relaxing sensation

Home Saunas

Relax in a Steam Sauna

Everything You Need To Know About Home Saunas Among the most popular types in the market, traditional home saunas offer rewarding benefits and relaxation that is second to none. People everywhere are beginning to realize the reality of home saunas today; they are no longer regarded as amenities that only the rich or well-off can … Read more