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Harvia Saunas

Harvia is one of the largest sauna manufacturers in Finland and they have more than 60 years of experience in the sauna industry. The company is firmly dedicated to maintaining the tradition of the Finnish sauna and they employ over 300 people to help them follow through on that mission.

Finland has a long history of sauna visits. Going to the sauna is part of a tradition in Finland. However, the health benefits of saunas and spas are attracting interest from all over the world. The development of the middle class, as well as proven health advantages, has increased interest in wellness worldwide. More and more saunas across the world will be built outside their country of origin as a result of these factors.

Harvia went on to become the world’s largest sauna and spa manufacturer. The Finnish company Tapani Harvia founded in 1950 manufactures technologically advanced sauna heaters, but it has since evolved into a renowned sauna and spa brand with products and services available in over 80 countries.

The health benefits and soothing activities available by the therapeutic heat of Harvia saunas are driving growing demand. The popularity of the sauna outside its country of origin is attributed to its known health advantages, people’s increased focus on personal health, and the growth of the global middle class.

While the company is well known throughout the world as one of the largest sauna heater manufacturers, they’ve begun to start taking over on the sauna construction front as well. Harvia Saunas feature extensive experience in the industry and its location right in the heart of the sauna culture makes them the foremost sauna experts in the world. Very few sauna manufacturers can make the claims that they can as far as knowledge, experience, and dedication to authenticity.

Harvia saunas

While authenticity is important to customers, so too is having options. Fortunately, Harvia has made sure that they no longer lag behind in that department as they offer several different sauna options to meet the needs of any customer. Their sauna options include everything from a variant sauna to a Rondium sauna to a claro sauna and they’ll also provide assistance for customers looking to create specially designed saunas.

While Harvia does offer infrared options, they’re much more focused on providing products and models that continue the age-old traditions of the Finnish sauna culture. They’re extremely experienced in interior design for saunas and, as we’ve mentioned, have also made a name for themselves through their high-quality heaters.

Overall, very few sauna manufacturers can compete with the authenticity provided by Harvia. Customers looking for the ultimate Finnish sauna experience will thoroughly enjoy the products that Harvia has to offer.

Top 5 Saunas From Harvia

#1 – Rondium Sauna

The Harvia Rondium sauna, which is ‘bather-friendly,’ is ideal for those who want to work on themselves and relax.

The Anthea Collection offers a stunning, contemporary sauna with a rounded double door and ornamental external stainless steel soffit with LED lighting. A contemporary appearance is created by decorative stainless steel elements in the outside walls. The frame is covered in steel, even on the bottom. This gives a good look and prevents dampness from reaching close to the floor. The exterior paneling is made of heat-treated aspen, aspen, or alder. Aspen is utilized inside and out.

When it comes to design and finish, the Harvia Saunas are in a category of their own. The various wood materials, combined with metal, provide the cottage with a distinctive and elegant appearance. The three LED lights on the decorative external stainless steel soffit add to the appearance. The base frame, which is also steel-covered, gives a stylish, modern look.

The interior walls and ceiling are painted white. The benches are constructed of aspen that has been heat-treated. Heat-treated aspen, aspen, or alder is utilized in the paneling on the outside.

There is no threshold on the round, glass corner with a double door, making it accessible even by wheelchair. There are three sizes of Rondium infrared cabins to select from. The Harvia Griffin Infra control device is used to operate the Rondium infrared cabin.

#2 – Claro Sauna

The Harvia CLARO’s enormous transparent glass front gives the sauna an airy atmosphere. A black painted wood board covers the outside wall, creating a striking contrast with the light wooden corners.

The well-planned balance between light and dark continues on the inside, in perfect coordination with the exterior. The rectangular panel sheets provide a strong rhythm to the sauna interior due to their black spacing.

The same design language is used in the Harvia VENTURA chairs, which come with a comfortable sitting area. The key light concept in the CLARO sauna is illumination. The transparent front allows natural light to enter, and when needed, corner lamps and a LED strip in the upper bench provide a warm-toned boost.

The Harvia KIVI heater is ideal for a sauna that aims to preserve the traditional feel of the space, such as in this example. The glass front reveals an impressive steel triangle frame with nearly 100 kg of sauna rocks. In addition, the elegant Harvia stainless steel sauna add-ons collection is included in the package.

#3 – Outdoor Sauna With Steel Chimney

A simple and attractive chimney option is the steel chimney. The steel chimney is designed to withstand significant temperature fluctuations and has primarily been used with woodstoves, iron stoves, and smaller fireplaces in detached sauna buildings. The external structure, along with the inner tube is made of stainless steel. This ensures that the item is enduring and can be preserved in an effective manner.

The steel chimney comes with a 1.5 m steel pipe and a utility box with a rain cap, a rubber rain flange, and a stainless steel lead-through flange for the ceiling in addition to standard delivery.

The 1 m long non-isolated smoke pipe is included in the kit. This stainless steel chimney comes with additional components of 0.5 m and 1.0 m as accessories. The supplementary parts are connected by an ingenious mechanism, while smoke pipes are also equipped with slots to bind them together thanks to a clever mechanism. The chimney is made of firebrick and thus does not deteriorate or shift due to temperature changes. The chimney can be installed within 3 m of the ground without support indoors, and 2 m without support outside.

Combustion gases have a maximum temperature of 600 degrees Celsius when used in a furnace linked to a steel chimney. The external diameter of the steel chimney is 220 mm, while the smoke pipe’s internal diameter is 115 mm. The safety distance to inflammable materials is 100 mm. The product has been certified to meet all international fire and operational safety standards, with a CE mark being placed on the steel chimney. The steel chimney is resistant to soot fires.

For a variety of mounting options, smoke and angle pipes are available in various sizes. For all woodburning devices except flare smokers, smoke pipes manufactured of painted or stainless steel are available.

#4 – Rubic Sauna

The Harvia RUBIC sauna is made of metal, glass, and wood, and it has a beautiful balance. The cubical sauna’s strong metal profiles in the corners give it integrity. Above the black wood board of the side and back walls is a rectangular panel sheet.

The material of the panel sheets and the internal paneling is aspen, heat-treated wood, or alder. The front wall is made of glass. Grates with the inside design have been placed in front of the windows to show the interior design. The metal foot ledge on the lower part and adjustable mounting legs protect the sauna’s walls and structures from moisture on the floor.

The material combinations are continued on the inside. The Harvia FUTURA’s metal strips send a message of future sauna designs’ audacious mixing of materials. The stainless steel strips have been inserted into the benches’ edges. The same line is followed by the light fixtures and the heater guard. Modern thin battening features in the interior design. Select from aspen, alder, abachi, or heat-treated aspen for your Futura sauna’s wood type.

The RUBIC sauna, by Harvia, is a COMBI heater that generates noise and steamy bathing conditions. The temperature, humidity, and lighting of your sauna may all be regulated with the digital GRIFFIN CG170C combi control unit that has been newly introduced. The control box is integrally built into the metal corner profile. Behind the heater, the Harvia stone wall has been erected.

#5 – Radiant Infrared Sauna

The Harvia Radiant infrared cabin allows you to unwind in warmth, whenever it is most convenient for you. The cabin is powered by direct heat radiator elements that generate infrared radiation. Like the sun, this heat is extremely effective. Unique to infrared heat therapy, this sensation of relaxation and revitalization is felt throughout your body.

Harvia Radiant is a long-term investment in your health. The dry, long-wave heat produced by the infrared cabin’s heating elements has a soothing effect on your body. It enhances blood circulation, reduces stress and tension in muscles, burns calories, relaxes both psychologically and physically, and stimulates blood flow.

The Harvia Radiant infrared cabin comes with straightforward installation guidelines, making the installation simple. The infrared cabin may be placed in any dry location, such as a bedroom. The easy-to-use control panel sets the operating time and temperature of the infrared cabin. After it is switched on, the Radiant takes less than ten minutes to ready for use. The control panel may also be used to turn the lights on. Both versions include a radio/CD player to play your favorite music. The infrared cabins are constructed of hemlock wood, which is fragrance-free and light in color. The dark walnut veneer covering adds depth to the design.

The infrared cabins feature a modern style and numerous glass surfaces. The large heating elements have been placed so that long-wave heat is distributed throughout your body. The floor and benches should be covered with a towel, for example, because the cabin might induce excessive sweating. The benches are detachable for cleaning purposes. There is no danger of radiation as a result of the infrared heat. When you use the infrared cabin, though, because of the brief rise in tissue temperature generated by the heat, you should talk to your doctor before doing so if you are pregnant or have health issues.

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