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Top 5 DIY Home Stream Sauna Kits

Are you thinking about adding a sauna to your home? If so, you are doing yourself a great benefit to your health. Home saunas offers serious advantages to over all well-being by rejuvenating tired muscle, detoxifying the skin, and cardiovascular health. The best benefit of course is being able to just relax and ease the tough day away.  If you ... Read More »

The Top 3 Infrared Sauna Manufacturers 2016

Saunas are a great investment. They have amazing benefits for your health and your fitness. In a busy world, a sauna is going to help to de-stress, relax and help you to sleep better.  According to a Harvard scientific study, people who use saunas on a routine basis have fewer fatal heart problems and live longer lives. There are many ... Read More »

Best Home Infrared Sauna Kits

An infrared sauna kit is perfect for installation at home. These infrared saunas are compact, beautiful and powerful. They provide sufficient health and detox benefits and the products feature a range of practical advantages. Kits are made for easy assembly and placement in the smallest of homes. The quality of the heater, the material that the sauna is made of, ... Read More »

Best Sauna Slim Belt Review

Sauna slim belts are great little products that can be used to immediately lose water weight and speed up fat loss. Are they as effective as ads claim them to be? The answer depends on the characteristics of the specific brand and product. Sauna slim belts aren’t created equal. The materials that they’re made of and a few additional characteristics ... Read More »

2 Person Indoor – Outdoor Sauna Review

2 person indoor outdoor sauna

2 Person Indoor – Outdoor Sauna Review – A rare production in the sauna industry Some people are always confused about whether to go for an indoor sauna or an outdoor one. However, most of them fail to realize that it’s a rather subjective decision, and one needs to keep a lot of factors in mind in order to make ... Read More »

Allegheny Wood Burning Outdoor Sauna Review

Allegheny Sauna

Allegheny Wood Burning Outdoor Sauna Review – Comes with a traditional style and design that would make you fall in love with it! Almost Heaven is now a name known to the world as a manufacturer of high quality, superbly designed, authentic saunas, and especially popular for its outdoor saunas. Whereas other manufacturers hesitate to venture into the outdoor sauna segment, ... Read More »

Almost Heaven 6-Person Grandview Sauna Review

Grandview Barrel Sauna Review

Almost Heaven AHGDV71RC 6-Person Grandview Sauna Review – One of the best works of Almost Heaven A sauna is surely a modern day concept, as it they are made keeping in mind the various needs of people. However, regardless of how tempting it is to get a sauna to give your home that special touch that would add a considerable amount ... Read More »

Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna 6′ Review

Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna

Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna 6′ Review – Innovation at its best! Well, choosing an ideal outdoor sauna can be quite a bit of hassle, what with the limited number of options to choose from and the low quality most of such saunas come with. However, an outdoor sauna can turn out to be a great asset for your home, as ... Read More »

Amerec Pacific Series Sauna Room Review

Amerec Pacific Sauna Room Review

Amerec Pacific Series Sauna Room Review – Design, elegance, and beauty at its best! When it comes to offering custom saunas based on the needs of the customers, there’s probably no one who does a better job than Amerec, one of the most popular sauna manufacturers around the world. The saunas this manufacturer builds are considered by many to be ... Read More »

Finlandia Outdoor Sauna Review

Finlandia Outdoor Sauna Review

Finlandia Outdoor Sauna Review – Comes with the rare combination of style, comfort and authenticity Saunas come with quite a lot of advantages, and are a great addition to any home. They help increase a home’s value, improve its overall look and attractiveness, and acts as a great source of peace, calm and comfort in your home. It is a ... Read More »