Top 5 Almost Heaven Saunas

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Almost Heaven Saunas

Almost Heaven is a sauna manufacturer with a dedication to providing customers with the most authentic sauna experience in the industry. The barrel design that they use for their outdoor saunas helps to enhance the efficiency of the sauna and heats the room much faster than most other types of room designs. The barrel design also contributes to durability as the ball-and-socket assembly makes the wood much less likely to split or crack the saunas with too many nails or screws.

Their saunas are super easy to install and, as Almost Heaven claims, they can be put together by two people in less than a couple of hours. They’re made from red cedar lumber and the artistry used to create them is obvious to users once they’re assembled. Visual appeal and authenticity are the two words that will come to mind once you’ve put your Almost Heaven sauna together.

Almost Heaven Saunas
Outdoor Barrel Design

Each and every one of their saunas is covered by a lifetime warranty and is handmade by artisans at their shop in Renick, WV. All of their products are made to be able to perform equally both inside or outside, although they do have specific recommendations for each. Another great quality of the Almost Heaven saunas is that they’re designed to require little to no maintenance. So long as the sauna is assembled and placed on a flat surface, the Canadian red cedar used to create it is resistant to insects and water and should prevent the need for any type of ongoing maintenance.

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At the end of the day, the incredible authenticity and low maintenance needs of the Almost Heaven saunas make them one of the best manufacturers in the United States and the world.

Top 5 Saunas From Almost Heaven

#1: Outdoor Barrel Sauna

The Standard Barrel 4 Person Sauna from Almost Heaven is unquestionably the greatest choice of outdoor saunas. It demonstrates Almost Heaven’s expertise and dedication to detail.

The basic sauna has a straightforward style that enables efficient heating while minimizing extra cubic feet. The sauna is raised on polymer support cradles that keep it away from any moisture on the ground, ensuring effective heating.

There are three different types of saunas available, with each one incorporating thick tempered glass, stainless steel hardware, and high-grade softwood, along with smooth edges for a more sophisticated and elegant appearance.

The Pinnacle is a tried-and-true classic. Given its proportions, this barrel sauna strikes the ideal balance between small and spacious. You may stretch out on your own or invite three friends to enjoy the sauna’s magic. The temperatures will climb to 195°F in less than an hour with a Harvia 6kW electric heater

#2: Indoor Blue Ridge Sauna

The Blue Ridge is made of high-quality Western Canadian Red Cedar, just like the Almost Heaven Barrel Sauna lines. The Blue Ridge may be put together simply in your own home thanks to the prebuilt wall panels, benches, and floor tiles. The walls and ceilings are all built of solid red cedar, rather than laminated pieces, resulting in more solid structures. True sauna enthusiasts understand that only real, thick Finnish Sauna construction reflects the authentic Finnish Sauna.

The Blue Ridge sauna provides an airy ambiance with glass walls and doors. With two benches of varying heights, four people may comfortably use this sauna. Temperatures in this sauna can reach up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, and water sprinkled on the hot rocks will create a burst of steam that is invigorating and rejuvenating.

Saunas are gaining in popularity due to the numerous health advantages of sauna usage. Regular sauna use results in improved heart function, weight loss, respiratory problems relief, and more.

Old-school steam saunas are also quite simple to run and require little upkeep. Almost Heaven Saunas is one of the few producers of traditional steam saunas, having been in operation a long period of time now at its factory in West Virginia. Each sauna is built by skilled artisans, and the company offers saunas all around the world through various distribution channels.

#3: Indoor Bridgeport Sauna

The Indoor Bridgeport is the ultimate accommodation for families. With six people capacity, it’s ideal for getting together with family and friends. The multi-level benches and ample space to stretch out make this indoor sauna a popular choice. The Harvia 8kW electric heater may be used to heat the room immediately, or you can postpone the start time.

#4: Outdoor Grandview Barrel Sauna

Installing an outdoor Grandview barrel sauna can virtually add a lovely and soothing atmosphere to your outside yard, patio, or garden. This concept was conceived through creativity and is a testament to Almost Heaven’s long-term commitment to quality.

The ball socket profile of this bench ensures maximum safety and sturdiness. It provides a wide range of options because it is made with the finest Western red cedar timbers available. Its huge interior enables wider opposite-facing benches, making conversations more pleasant and heart-warming.

This model includes a high-performance wood-burning stove for enhanced quality and customer pleasure. The unit is equipped with an electric heater, but it may be upgraded to a high-performance wood-burning stove.

The aromatic Western red cedar of a heater fence (which has to be installed) not only protects but also allows for a sauna experience you won’t forget!

The Virta Sauna is a double-sided firebox sauna that either fires or heats all at once. You can choose to upgrade the sauna to a Virta Heater that features digital control, based on your liking. Please keep in mind that the Xenio control box and display must be placed indoors or in a waterproof casing. In less than an hour

#5: Indoor Madison Sauna

The Madison steam room is small enough to fit anywhere. It’s ideal for when space is limited, as it can be placed on any tile, concrete, ceramic, laminate surface, or vinyl. Assembly at home is simple and takes only a few hours because all wall, ceiling, and bench sections are manufactured in the factory and maybe put together

The Madison Sauna is a compact sauna that fits up to three people and offers the same health benefits as bigger models. The Madison is made up of pre-assembled wall and roof components, making installation quick and simple.

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