Finlandia Pre-built Sauna Review

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Finlandia Pre-built Sauna Review – Surprisingly Easy Assembly, Great Value for Money

Finlandia is one of the most reputed names in the sauna industry. Being producing high-quality saunas for over 50 years now, their experience is surely something they can boast of. After all, it’s not just the long duration they have been in the business that matters, but the authenticity of their products as well. When it comes to producing high-quality saunas, Finlandia is something that sets the standard for the industry. It has different types of saunas, all unique, high quality, and authentic in their own way. Their extensive experience in the industry is pretty evident from the state-of-the-art saunas they come up with, as these saunas never fail to surprise their customers with features unmatched by other brands.

Finnair has built its reputation on providing customers with the highest levels of safety, comfort, and convenience. Our products are designed to meet customer requirements in the most efficient manner possible without sacrificing quality or service.

There are two styles of sauna rooms at Finlandia: Precut and Prefabricated. Each involves some level of assembly. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds, because Finlandia’s pre-built sauna kits have everything you’ll need to put the finished sauna together and properly install everything from the electrical wiring to the doors.

Precut Sauna Packages

The Precut Sauna packages are designed to be placed in a pre-existing space that has been framed and insulated. Finlandia’s craftsmen cut the material and assemble components to match your room according to the studs per foot measurements you provide.  Each package includes walls, a pre-hung glass door, bench furniture, upper bench seat headrests, a wooden heater guard, stones and a wood heater, and additional features such as a bucket, vent, wall lights, dipper, and liner.

Standard wood for Precut Sauna packages is Western Red Cedar, but you may select from Clear Redwood, clear Alaskan Yellow Cedar, or clear Western Hemlock for a distinct, one-of-a-kind appearance.

Prefabricated Rooms

The Prefabricated Rooms are designed for quick and simple installation. The walls of these saunas are quite unusual; instead of using screws, bolts, or splices, they employ a unique locking mechanism inside each panel that connects without the use of any.

Finlandia also provides a thick layer of insulation between the inside and outside walls in order to help your sauna retain heat more effectively. They also install conduits within the walls before installing electrical cables, making it simple and quick.

The Prefabricated Rooms include Western Red Cedar as the primary wood, like the Precut Packages, and you may choose from Clear Redwood, clear Alaskan Yellow Cedar, or clear Western Hemlock instead. The Prefabricated Room kits are similar to those for the Precut Packages in terms of accessories and finishing touches.

The Prefabricated Rooms are available in a variety of designs, one of which is the 5-Sided Sauna, which has a 7′ ceiling and is available in 6’x6′ dimensions. For a roomy, open feel, it includes a whole glass door and transparent glass windows. The inside is made from one of the four transparent Western woods, whilst the outside is constructed of Alaska Yellow Cedar or Western Red Cedar.

The Outdoor Saunas are another popular option in Finlandia’s Prefabricated Rooms. The Wooden Prefabricated Rooms are made of the same wood and come with a cedar shake roof package that must be assembled. There are a couple of distinct roof package options.

The first option is considered the FPR kit which is standard built and is inclusive of thermopane acrylic glass. The glass constitutes of three layers conjoined with one another.

Alternatively, it also includes the STR Starline Skylight Roof Kit. This is essentially constructed in a three-layering of Thermopane Acrylic that has a special feature of allowing light to pass. This means that throughout the morning and up until the evening, the light from the sun can pass through the glass, allowing for additional peace and ambiance for individuals.

Over any hard-surfaced waterproof floor, the prefabs may be put in by the homeowner. The panels are custom-made and include their own, unique locking mechanism for the quickest, most durable, and most personalized sauna on the market. Panels have an average width of 24″, so wall sections may be moved easily throughout the house. Typically, the ceiling height requirement for a sauna is an overall minimum of 89″. The region where the sauna will be installed must have a minimum ceiling height of 87″ (89″ if the sauna room is 8’x 8′).

The wall sections come apart without the use of screws, splices, or bolts. Electrical hookup is simple since we utilize sealed electrical conduit within the walls, and the optional wall control is pre-installed. The Sauna room’s normal entry is at the top.

The Finlandia Pre-built Sauna

One of the popular saunas Finlandia is known for is its Pre-built sauna. The name of this sauna pretty much says it all. The unique feature of this sauna is simply that it comes with prebuilt/insulated ceiling panels and walls. Let’s take a deeper look at some of its other sophisticated features:

Can be assembled more easily than you can think!

Well, if you are someone who has dealt with assembling a sauna before, you probably already know what it takes to get the job done and how annoying, time-consuming, and challenging it can be. This is the reason the assembly of the sauna is considered to be such an important feature. No one would like to get a sauna that looks great, offers a great level of comfort but is a hassle to assemble. After all, sometimes, one might have to shift the sauna room, and if it cannot be easily assembled, it will probably be a nightmare to do it.

Finlandia Sauna

The Finlandia Pre-built Sauna, however, is probably one of the few saunas ever produced that comes with the simplest level of assembly. You can probably do it in a few minutes, without having to put in a lot of effort. This surely makes this sauna stand out from the lot, and makes it one of the best choices for someone who might have to shift his sauna quite often.

Requires little space

No wonder this feature is on the list of the features of this sauna. Being a Pre-built sauna from one of the most experienced manufacturers in the industry, it’s sure to require a considerably limited space to be installed. In fact, even a small room might easily be able to install, without losing its spaciousness.

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If you are someone who has to deal with a lot of stress and tension during your 9-5 and finding it hard to find peace and calm even after returning to your home, then you are probably going to love this Pre-built sauna from Finlandia. The level of comfort it offers, despite requiring so very little space, is simply surprising and delightful. Sitting alone for some time in the sauna is sure to give you peace and calm you probably won’t be found anywhere else.

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