10 Tips for Great Outdoor Sauna Building

  If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit a Nordic or Icelandic-style spa, you know the numerous benefits of fully relaxing in an outdoor sauna. Sure, a stretch in the sauna at your local gym is a great way to reward yourself after a strenuous workout but to capitalize on the experience of a … Read more

Saunas 101 – The Complete Guide To Planning And Adding Luxury To Your Life

barrel sauna

Originated in Finland, saunas began as a traditional bathing option that included hot and cool cycles in a room with a wood-fire stove and an ice-cold plunge pool. When the Finns emigrated to other areas of the world, they brought their knowledge and love for saunas with them. Although traditional saunas are still popular in Finland and parts of Europe, saunas have changed drastically over the years and have been adopted by different cultures all over the world.